Ghana beats South Korea 3 - 2 at – World Cup 2022


South Korea 2-3 Ghana!

Red card for Bento

South Korea coach Paulo Bento receives a red card. He’s livid with the referee for blowing the whistle before South Korea have the chance to take the corner they’d won.

Absolute scenes here!

Watch the full game between Ghana and South Korea

…And breathe

Game of the tournament, for me. That had everything. Ghana hang on for a remarkable 3-2 win and boost their chances of qualification.

South Korea deserves credit


3-2 - Ghana is the first team to record consecutive 3-2 results at the World Cup (for or against) since Uruguay in 2010 and the fourth side overall to do so (also Germany in 1994 and Switzerland in 1934). Entertainers.

African teams are thriving

Morocco yesterday, Cameroon earlier today, and Ghana now. As Shakira once said, ‘it’s time for Africa’!

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